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The BE RACING TUNING remote tuning process

Our process of logging and editing would be no different in person. The difference is that the end user is flashing and logging the car.

You’ll need a cable:

The absolute first thing is a way to connect your windows computer to your car’s dme. The OBD2 interface we use is ‘K+DCAN’ or often ‘INPA cable’ The most trusted version of this cable is the bimmergeeks cable, the yellow-button cable from amazon is our most trusted cheaper alternative.

You’ll need a flashing tool and a logging tool:

We use romraider to log.

For flashing ms41, ms42 or ms43 our ‘be racing tuning flasher’ will be included with the purchase of any ms4x tune we offer. We will also provide a copy of logger and ecu definitions for this purpose. But it is necessary for logging to have RomRaider functioning on a computer that can be put into the car and connected to the OBD2 port.

For logging, we use RomRaider, we will provide logger definitions.

To log AFR, a compatible wideband is needed. After you install romraider, open the logger and check out that list of plugins in the top bar menu. That’s a list of compatible widebands. We recommend Innovate or AEM.

A serial to USB adapter (us amazon product link) is necessary to get a signal from your wideband to your laptop, these are extremely inexpensive. The ones with ‘prolific’ chips seem to last.

Voltage: To avoid any possible issues, use something like a battery charger on the car to ensure good voltage. A dead or nearly dead battery with a low amp charger can still pose problems.

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