be racing tuning turbo kit

Our bottom mount kit for e46

Recently we built a turbo kit for a zhp e46, the primary spec was to keep AC.

Some secondary goals were to improve on common issues in kit design, utilizing this manifold or others that are similar:

  • no charge pipe under the subframe
  • no charge pipe tucked under the exhaust manifold
  • 3″ turbo inlet pipe
  • functional gravity drain

I think these were reasonable goals, though neither of us had built a SPA-based kit before, we’ve been able to achieve these things or have seen them accomplished on the eurosport, aa, and some tubular manifolds. Every bend causes pumping losses and we did our best to reduce the number and severity of the bends necessary to complete the above goals.

Haven’t finished tuning it as the stock clutch predictably let go. Will update this post with better picture as we gather them.

If seriously interested, please send us an email regarding this kit.

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