RomRaider logger setup for MS4X

So you’ve dowloaded RomRaider. Here’s what you need to do next:

Start by removing all versions of Java and perform a restart. Then install only the x86 (32 bit) version.

After a restart and installation of romraider, hopefully romraider is running.

  1. Open up RR logger
  2. Go to the Settings menu at the top
  3. Logger definition location…
  4. Select the logger definition .xml file you received
  5. Then open up the Settings menu again
  6. Select logging protocol options
  7. Select DS2 K-Line
  8. Connect the cable to your car and laptop
  9. You should now have a list of dme-specific parameters that you can select
  10. Select parameters and save those selections as a Profile for future use

List of items to log for turbo tuning (except accelerator position on ms41 (please select these in this order):

  • coolant temp
  • accelerator position
  • engine speed
  • ignition angle
  • engine load
  • injection time
  • lambda integrator bank 1
  • TPS
  • knock sensor volts bank 1
  • knock sensor volts bank 2
  • oil temp
  • iat
  • wideband

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