Dinan Valved Axle-Back Exhaust – 2017-2020 MINI Countryman S Black


Stainless Steel – Black Tips – F60

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The F60 MINI Countryman S may be a utilitarian vehicle designed to accomplish a variety of tasks but it still embodies the pep and nimbleness most commonly associated with the brand. This sporty underpinning coupled with its diverse abilities make it a popular seller, rivaling even the flagship Cooper S. Unfortunately, the Countryman is often ignored by the aftermarket despite this popularity and a marketplace that is starving for quality performance parts that the diminutive F56 hatchback enjoys. Enter Dinan, and an exhaust solution that will make any Cooper S driver envious. The Dinan F60 exhaust system offers a dramatically improved exhaust note, along with additional capabilities above and beyond the stock muffler, that set the system apart from the factory… and the competition. In order to achieve desired sound volume and tone the tubing is first enlarged to 70mm (vs 65mm stock) to allow freer flow throughout the entirety of the system. The larger tubing is fed into a muffler that is typical of all Dinan exhaust design and utilizes absorption technologies designed to improve exhaust flow and reduce back pressure. The combination results in increased power output and a great sporty sound complete with the signature MINI exhaust pops. Unlike the factory system that relies solely on driving modes and the muffler itself to control audible content, the Dinan system incorporates an electronic valve into its design, complete with a user controlled key fob. Now, you can dictate when you want to be civilized and close the valves for a subdued/tasteful ride, or when to open the valve and allow the system to achieve full glory unimpeded by restriction right from the cabin with a press of a button. Even with the valve open, thereby making the system a straight pipe system, the Countryman S free flow exhaust is engineered to reduce low-RPM drone so the cabin of the vehicle is still intimate and not drowned in an excessively loud tone. With the Dinan exhaust equipped on the F60 you get a system that allows both the ‘utilitarian’ and the ‘sport’ to be achieved in one solution — all controlled by you. While sound is the primary reason for any exhaust purchase the styling and craftsmanship also play an important role for the discerning buyer. The Dinan F60 Countryman S exhaust has been skillfully crafted entirely out of T304 stainless steel and TIG welded for the best visual appearance and color. The entire system is then brush-finished to further guarantee an immaculate looking system out of the box. The attention to detail is not limited to parts of the system you can’t see once the exhaust is installed but is also extended to the exhaust tips themselves. The Dinan exhaust sports enormous, dual 4″ (102mm) clamp-on, double-walled, black ceramic coated and laser engraved exhaust tips. Dinan has retained its signature straight cut tip design, safeguarding its unique and elegant styling position, amongst a marketplace dominated by angle cuts. The tips masterfully fill up and accentuate upon the factory cut-outs showcasing an extremely aggressive, yet refined, styling that will turn heads even before it is heard.

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