Longacre Magnum 3 1/2″ Analog Tire Pressure Gauge


  • Keep track of tire pressure with an easy-to-read Analog screen!
  • This model is rated for 0 – 60 PSI

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Make the job a little easier on yourself with a digital-faced tire pressure gauge from Longacre. Analog style gauges are typically more accurate on the first reading, and with a steady holding needle, it is easier to see in suboptimal weather or through a helmet, from a short distance away. With a 2 and a half inch face and an accuracy within .5%, this gauge is as handy as it is effortless for less than ideal scenarios with it’s 17″ hose length. Can operate fully up to 130° F, and includes a second swivel ball chuck valve to accommodate for different types of wheel and valve setup combinations. Has one release valve operating from 0 – 60 PSI. This model will hold PSI reading until the valve is released. Comes with a silver flight case.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 9.5 cm
Made by

Longacre Racing Products