Nuke Performance PTFE Hose End Fitting Spare Hose End Socket AN-8


Spare AN-8 socket for PTFE hose end

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Spare, replacement aluminum hose end socket for Nuke Performance Full Flow PTFE Hose Ends. AN-8 size. To replace damaged, used, or lost hose-end socket.Make sure to select the right-sized hose end socket for your hose end. Same sized sockets is used for all versions of hose ends, independently of the version.

  • Fits Nuke Performance Full Flow PTFE Hose Ends
  • Included with the delivery of Hose Ends
  • AN-8 size
  • To replace damaged, lost, or used hose end sockets

Make sure to always use an original hose end socket from Nuke Performance when using it for a Nuke Performance Full Flow PTFE hose end. Make sure to select the right size of spare socket when placing an order.

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