BMW tuning solutions

hellrot ms43 turbo e46

BMW tuning solutions development engineering house.

Solving tuning problems and challenges around BMW 6 cylinder systems is our calling. We always seek to make a better, cleaner, more effective solution.

BMW remote and in-person tuning, parts and turbo kits, specializing in m52, m54, s52, m52tu engines in e36, e46, e39, e53, z3, z4. But developing the newer factory turbo n54, n55, s55, b58 and s58 platforms

BE RACING TUNING has been proudly providing forced induction software calibrations and harnesses with enthusiastic support for ms41/2/3 ecu/dme(s) since 2019. Naturally aspirated calibrations also available. During the time since, we’ve steadily developed out and improved tuning solutions for these BMW platforms where possible.

Regardless how unusual the build, we’re excited to find a way to make it work. During our years in this space, we’ve tuned most configurations of maf and charger that we can conceive. Excited to see and tune the things we haven’t. 

We are ready to be your guide in this endeavor. We aim to be your one stop shop for all your m5x performance needs.

It is our mission to make your project function at its highest form.


At its very core, remote tuning is a collaborative effort between the tuner and the driver. We are always honored to be chosen for this role, to apply all of our experience to help a build achieve its peak form.

Below is a curated collection of some of the cars running our tuning software

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