The be racing blog of articles that discuss tuning on the platforms we service: thoughts, observations, advice, and directions.

  • Fuel starvation and some strategies on how to prevent it

    Fuel starvation is probably one of our biggest enemies. With a simple fuel pump upgrade, running beneath 1/2 of a tank, making over 350whp with no other resources, it’s a near guarantee to happen, at least briefly. When air is picked up, while the injection time is met, the fuel just isn’t in the line,……

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  • pressure tester cap

    Pressure testing makes everyone happier

    Updated: Nov 22, 2021 This might be on the level of psychological advice: get a pressure testing setup. It’s very hard to catch some leaks without testing. Nearly impossible sometimes. But a thorough pressure test solves this. Sometimes a rail isn’t holding the injectors square enough to the manifold (refer to my other blog entry on……

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  • BRT flasher

    Flashing a ms4x tune

    So you have your OBD2 interface cable, and a flasher. What now!? -The first step is to install the flasher and the cable’s drivers. -Let’s test it. If you open the flasher with nothing connected to your computer, you’ll notice the red letters in the bottom left “looking for cable”. If you plug in the……

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  • innovate wideband


    Updated: Jan 11 AEM or Innovate!? It’s one of the oldest questions we get asked. We think the SCG1 is probably the best deal on the market for a boost gauge/boost controller and wideband solution. It’s better that it’s all together. The failsafe is really cool. But maybe you have a super sweet boost controller and……

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  • failed oil pump sprocket

    M5x Oil Pump Nut solutions

    The Achilles heel of the m5x is its oil pump nut. It’s somewhat common that any m5x engine when driven on track or beat mercilessly on the street will likely run into this issue. To be very blunt, this issue being that oil pump nut backing off or shaft failure. There’s a handful of solutions……

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  • romraider

    RomRaider logger setup for MS4X

    So you’ve dowloaded RomRaider. Here’s what you need to do next: Start by removing all versions of Java and perform a restart. Then install only the x86 (32 bit) version. After a restart and installation of romraider, hopefully romraider is running. List of items to log for turbo tuning (except accelerator position on ms41 (please……

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  • be racing tuning turbo kit

    Our bottom mount kit for e46

    Recently we built a turbo kit for a zhp e46, the primary spec was to keep AC. Some secondary goals were to improve on common issues in kit design, utilizing this manifold or others that are similar: no charge pipe under the subframe no charge pipe tucked under the exhaust manifold 3″ turbo inlet pipe……

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  • TiAL gate


    There’s a lot to think about with wastegates. Here’s a collection of some observations and thoughts about available options. Size: so these things come in a lot of different sizes. Typically, the smaller the gate, the faster it is to react and the easier it is to control boost. A lot of setups can get……

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  • PPF bottom mount

    Turbo M5x: Top or bottom mount?

    A brief conversation about the available options Mid-mount is dead, RIP midmount. A handful of fabricators used to create this wonderful configuration. It was typically difficult to install, but once installed it provided a number of benefits: easy to drain, easy downpipe, and most of the other typical bottom-mount benefits (temp, weight, invisibility, ac, etc)……

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  • e46 nonM turbo kit

    Thoughts on turbo sizing for a BMW inline 6

    So what’s the right size turbo? What turbo should I get for my m5x? This is such an open-ended question. It depends on so much. Racing’s e36/e46 gt3582 .63 ar t3 turbo. If given a displacement range of 2.0-3.2L, they did a great job. Honestly, not sure what it does on a 2.0 or 2.2L……

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    HPX or Bosch Mass Airflow sensor (maf)?

    We have appropriated the HPX sensor for every boosted application we can. From draw-through turbo to blow-through supercharger (both of these are nonstandard), to the conventional blow-through turbo and draw-through supercharger configurations. We like the HPX, our scaling works well. It’s based off of figures provided by PMAS. The failure rate for these seems low:……

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  • plug n 'jector

    The BE RACING TUNING remote tuning process

    Our process of logging and editing would be no different in person. The difference is that the end user is flashing and logging the car. You’ll need a cable: The absolute first thing is a way to connect your windows computer to your car’s dme. The OBD2 interface we use is ‘K+DCAN’ or often ‘INPA……

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