BMW E36 4 Point Fixed RACP Brace


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The BMW e36 has an extremely light chassis. The opinion of our experts is that the chassis must be strengthened at a couple of key points. One of these is the reinforcement of the rear strut tovers and the reinforcement of the rear axle and differential brackets. This is where the problem often occurs and the chassis breaks due to an increase in the torque of the modified engine or a higher load by modifying the suspension.

We offer reinforcement of the rear part of the car of the bolt-in type with binding in several points – from strut tovers to the rear subframe mounts. This reinforcement can be made of high quality structural steel or Chromium molybdenum. The powdercoating isin the color of your choice. You get the kit needed for installation.

The installation itself requires a couple of small modifications. It is necessary to replace the factory screws for hanging the frame with a longer one so that reinforcement can be placed on them. At the place where the longer screw must pass through the chassis and enter the trunk, it is necessary to drill a small hole. The factory foresaw this and a drilling site was marked. When the subframe bolts are installed, you have everything you need to install reinforcements in the trunk.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 15 cm
Made by:

DS Works