CSF Race-Spec Oil Cooler BMW 11-16


  • Dual-pass, race-spec, DCT transmission coolers–a number are plug-and-play and include oil-line connections, mounting brackets, shrouds, and ducting
  • All-aluminum, controlled atmosphere brazed (CAB) dual-pass, plug-and-play, power steering coolers
  • Dual-pass, all-aluminum, race-spec engine oil coolers with cast end-tanks
  • Advanced and unique, dual-fluid, heavy-duty oil coolers with built-in fittings and included SPAL fan and sealed shroud.

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Additional features and benefits of CSF fluid coolers include:

  • Drop-in fit coolers require no modifications to install; They fit OE bumpers and accept factory oil-line connections, mounting brackets, shrouds, and ducts … even aftermarket splitters
  • Many feature dual-pass, high-performance cores that replace OEM single-pass designs for maximum surface area and flow
  • OE low-efficiency, mechanically bonded cores replaced with CAB-brazed, high-efficiency, turbulated, heavy-duty, bar and plate design cores for the most reliable and durable coolers available (on specific applications)
  • High-density, multi-louvered fin design with more surface area than OE units
  • Where applicable, fully TIG-welded end-tanks vs. OE mechanically jointed and tack-welded tanks for superior reliability and durability
  • Select applications include CSF’s A/C condenser technology using super-high pressure, multi-channel micro-tubes
  • Lab tested to be more efficient than OEM coolers

Race-Spec Oil Cooler BMW 11-16 F20 135i(X)(N55) 11-16 F21 M135i(X)(N55) 12-16 F22/F23 M235i(X)(N55) BMW 11-15 F30/F31 335i(X) & Hybrid 3 (N55) BMW 12-16 F34GT 335i(X) (N55) BMW 12-16 F32/F33/F36 435i(X)(N55)

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