e36 210 diff conversion



This kit retrofits the e32/e34/e31 big diff into the e36.

Convert your E36 rear differential to a 210mm ring and pinion differential from the 7 Series.

The US E36 (M3 and 325/328) differential uses a 180mm ring gear.  The Euro M3 used a 210mm ring gear which has been proven to be stronger than the standard US M3 differential.  This bracket makes it possible to bolt in a differential from the E32 750i (or E34 M5) which has a 210mm ring gear.  These differentials are commonly available in 3.15 limited slip as well as a 3.64 limited slip and a 3.73 LSD from the M5…and best of all, they are inexpensive to buy.  The total upgrade cost with differential can sometimes be paid for by selling your stock E36 limited slip differential.

Differential Kit includes Everything seen in the pictures.  All you need to add is the differential and about an hour of fabrication work!

Requires removal of stock front mount and welding of new bracket to subframe.

Pricing Update.  We have had to raise prices because BMW no longer sells the Euro Differential factory cast rear bracket here in the U.S.A.  We now have a billet machined rear bracket which is much stronger…but of course costs more to make.

Dont stress about a little stub deformation, they don fail easy, even a little twisted.