E36 Compact Strut Brace


Front & Rear +$128.62 Rear $0.00 RAL 1018 $0.00 RAL 3020 $0.00 RAL 4005 $0.00 RAL 5005 $0.00 RAL 5014 $0.00 RAL 5021 $0.00 RAL 5024 $0.00 RAL 7001 $0.00 RAL 7016 $0.00 RAL 7031 $0.00 RAL 9005 $0.00 RAL 9010 $0.00


We have a front fixed strut brace for the BMW E36 Style 1. For engines whitout ASC throttle body on your intake manifold. It is intended to strengthen the chassis part between the strut towers. The installation gives you much better and more precise steering, the car reacts more firmly to sudden changes of direction. It is necessary for vehicles running on hard suspension and wide rims.

This is a custom made strut bar, TIG welded. Each was made to factory measurements. If you are not sure about the correctness of your chassis, we can check. Holders are shaped to fit the strut towers as well as possible.

We use quality materials with exceptional tensile strength. You can buy this product in two variants: seamless steel or chrome molybdenum (4130). The color is your choice.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 38 × 8 × 10 cm
Made by:

DS Works