MS42 NA stage 2 tune




This is a tuning software package for deeper na builds. This package is for m5x engines running ms42 electronics that have done things at the depth of changing injectors or maf or some other major mod and need log-based tuning. This includes 3 completed revisions, each of which can be as many as 10 edits. The first revision is for the first setup, the second two are for future setups or alternate fuels. 

Supported injectors: 

  • 24lb m54b30 injectors
  • 42lb Lucas/Delphi
  • 42lb Bosch green giants
  • 56lb Bosch 0280158123
  • 110lb Bosch 0280158040
  • Injector Dynamics
  • Fuel Injector Clinic


remote tuning

for custom calibrations for unique setups, we require cutomers be capable of being remote tuned to have the calibration polished to match the setup closely.  Remote tuning requires being able to flash your dme, taking responsibility for the dme flashing process and logging the car.

for more information on remote tuning, we have a blog post on this topic.


we use roraider for logging, we will provide a logger definition.

Romraider is picky about java. Delete all other versions of java and install a clean, fresh 32 bit version if problems arise. 

In person tuning

in person tuning is available in the Virginia, dmv area

Off-road use only

All custom calibrations are for high-perfomance off-road use only.



custom tune for BMW m52tu (m52tub25 or m52tub28) or other m5x engines operating with ms42 electronics through a retrofit. Compatible with 1999-2000 ms42 BMW cars (e46 323/328 i/xi/ci, e39 528i (double vanos), e36/7 z3 w m52tu).