Nuke Performance Carbon Fiber 0.75 Liter Oil Catch Can


  • Carbon composite construction for ultra light, weight saving capability
  • Delivered with 3x 7/8 AN-10 fittings, 7/8 plug, outlet fitting for atmospheric use and 1/4 drainage plug
  • 100 micron stainless steel cleanable filter disc and & filtration media

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The Carbon Fiber Dual AN-10 Inlet Performance Catch Can gives you maximum filtration with a 100 micron filter disc that prevents particles from escaping the catch can. The filter disc can be used both in atmospheric and recirculating setups. No external filter is needed when using atmospheric setup. That makes this the first catch can that can be used both for atmospheric and recirculating setup without adding an external filter on top. The unique Internal Billet Filtration Unit in combination with Nuke’s recessed filter disc gives you an extremely rigorous filtering of your crankcase gasses. The “IBFU” includes stainless steel filtration media maximizes condensation of the contaminations within the gasses without any or minimum flow loss. A 1/4 G drainage outlet is included for fast and easy drainage. Introducing a new Carbon variant of the widely popular and highly demanded Oil Catch Can offered by Nuke. Retaining the functionality and applicability of the original while providing an externally pleasing look, this catch can shaves a surprising 25% off of weight when compared to the original 0.75 liter model. A stainless steel bracket is included, as well as three 7/8 AN10 fittings, one 7/8 plug, one outlet fitting for atmospheric use and 1/4 drainage plug.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10.6 × 9 × 16.2 cm
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Nuke Performance