MS41 S52 Naturally Aspirated Stage 1 Tune


Custom DME tune for naturally aspirated E36 M3’s, S52 Z3 M Roadsters and Coupes, as well as any car running MS41 and an S52 B32.



MS41 N/A Stage 1 S52 Tune

This is a stage 1 naturally aspirated DME tune for cars running MS41 and an S52. The tune can be optioned with EWS delete, various equipment deletes and optimizations by request. Must use stock injectors and MAF. This product is natively compatible with:

  • E36 M3 (1996-1999)
  • Z3 M Roadster (S52)
  • Z3 M Coupe (S52)
  • Any swap using MS41 and an S52B32.

Remote and mail-in tuning options available for this product.

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Flashing directions

While our primary expectation is remote tuning, in-person tuning is available in the northern Virginia area.


We Be Racing

At its very core, remote tuning is a collaborative effort between the tuner and the driver. We are always honored to be your choice for this role, and will apply all of our experience to help your build achieve its peak form. Developing safe, reliable and high-performing tunes is our reason for existing as a business. 

Emissions information:

    • Any configuration of a setup that deletes any part of the emissions apparatus will not achieve OBD emissions readiness with our software, and is intended for off-road use only.
This item is the calibration product only.