MS42 Turbo Tune for M52tu from e46


Custom ms42 turbo tune for m52tu for turbo conversions. Native w/ 99-00 BMW e46 (323/328), e39 528(later), z3 w m52tub25 and m52tub28.

please include known specs of your turbo

ie: turbo manifold, intercooler, wastegate, bov, size of the exhaust, size of charge pipes, boost control method, wideband, breather configurations, anything else notable…

cams, intake, changed compression ratio, anything out of the ordinary, add here

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MS42 turbo tune for m52tu for turbo conversions. Native w/ 99-00 BMW (e46 323/328, e39 528(later), z3 w m52tub25 and m52tub28

e46 323/328 i/xi/ci

e39 528i (double vanos)

e36/7 z3 w m52tu, specifically built around the US-available m52tub25 and m52tub28. (2.3i and 2.8i models)


We Be Racing

At its very core, remote tuning is a collaborative effort between the tuner and the driver. We are always honored to be your choice for this role, and will apply all of our experience to help your build achieve its peak form. Developing safe, reliable and high-performing tunes is our reason for existing as a business. 


Single vanos version also available

Did you put a single vanos m52 in your ms42 car? We can tune that!

Please specify the specs of any swap in “miscellaneous engine mods” field.

This product includes 1 completed revision, which can be as many as 10 edits. We build and fine-tune each calibration to one hardware set and one fuel.
This item is the calibration product only.


Directions on Remote Tuning:

For more information on remote tuning and our process

Flashing directions

While the primary expectation is for remote tuning, in-person tuning available in the northern Virginia area.

Supported MAFs:

stock, m54b30 retrofit, Bosch 0 280 218 067 (Audi rs4), PMAS HPX, PMAS HPX-e

The standard HPX in a mh-30 housing as pictured in this listing is our recommended option. While other options work, we find this to be the most elegant and effective method of metering air for these electronics. The m54b30 maf output is limited to roughly 340whp.


Supported injectors:
  • 42lb Lucas/Delphi
  • 42lb Bosch green giants
  • 56lb Bosch “123”
  • 100lb Bosch “040”
  • Fuel Injector Clinic
  • Injector Dynamics

please email us to confirm injector support if there’s any doubt


Note: This product is for cars running the MS42 dme/ecu.

For cars running MS41 dme/ecus, click here.

For cars running MS43 dme/ecus, click here.


This product is for off-road use only
This is a digital product! Our flasher is included with this product. A windows laptop is necessary for remote tuning.