MS43 Supercharger Tune for M54


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MS43 Supercharger Tune for M54

Custom ms43 supercharger tune for m54 supercharger conversions. This includes 1 completed revision, which can have as many as 10 edits. Compatible natively with:

  • E36/7 Z3
  • E39 (525i/530i)
  • E46 (320i, 325i, 330i/ci)
  • E53 X5s natively packaged with this computer and engine.

E85 Z4s, E83 X3s, E60s, and late (04-06) RWD E46s, when equipped with M54s require an MS43 conversion for compatibility with this product. This package, while aimed at M54, is for anyone operating on MS43. Put an M52 in your Dart and using MS43 to make it run? cool! we can help! This is our package for supercharger tuning.

A substantial production of entry level kits have been produced for this platform. While we’re happy to simply provide a tune, we’re also available to help you upgrade that kit to run more boost, add cooling, change fuel, etc. We have experience tuning ESS twin screw and centrifugal kits, VF centrifugal kits, AA rotrex superchagers and GPower superchager kits.

This product is the tuning only.


We Be Racing

At its very core, remote tuning is a collaborative effort between the tuner and the driver. We are always honored to be your choice for this role, and will apply all of our experience to help your build achieve its peak form. Developing safe, reliable and high-performing tunes is our reason for existing as a business. 

Directions on Remote Tuning:

For more information on remote tuning and our process

Flashing directions

While our primary expectation is remote tuning, in-person tuning is available in the northern Virginia area. 

Supported Hardware:

Supported MAFs:

stock, m54b30 retrofit, Bosch 0 280 218 067 (Audi rs4), PMAS HPX, PMAS HPX-e

While the stock m54b30 and even smaller variants maf can be supported, horsepower levels are limited to what these mafs can read. The m54b30 maf can read about 340whp, maximum before going blind.

Supported injectors:
  • 42lb Lucas/Delphi
  • 42lb Bosch green giants
  • 56lb Bosch 0 280 158 123
  • 110lb Bosch 0 280 158 040
  • Fuel Injector Clinic
  • Injector Dynamics

please email us to confirm injector support if there’s any doubt

This product is for off-road use only
This is a digital product!