SPA BMW turbo manifold


This SPA BMW turbo manifold is known to fit e36, e39, e46 and z3/z4 with m5x engines. AWD fitment is unknown. They’re well complimented by our e36/e46 motor mount or e39 motor mount options. Compatible with both t3 and t4 spreadbore flanges.

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Bottom mount SPA turbo manifold for e36, e46, e39 and z3/z4

This SPA BMW turbo manifold will fit e36, e39, e46 and z3/z4 with m5x engines. But AWD fitment is unknown. To fit a reasonable intake tract, this manifold goes well with our e36/e46 motor mount or e39 motor mount options. To facilitate with fitment, this manifold is compatible with both t3 and t4 spread bore flange turbine housings.

The best BMW budget turbo manifold for m50, m52, m52tu, m54, US s50 and s52

The SPA BMW turbo manifold is the standard base model bottom mount we know and trust with our kits. And it’s because we’ve had great results with this very high quality part- and we’ve hardly ever seen failure (10+ years drifting, no rust protection), with a gt3076r with a t3 .63 hotside, we’ve made over 530 wheel horse power. Also, we’ve made slightly over 600whp on 61mm turbo on this manifold.

This manifold is a legend: with over twenty years in production, it is the most reliable, reasonably priced turbo hot-side platform for the m5x. With a great turbo mounting location that allows for easy drain, installation and many years of abuse, this manifold will outlive the majority of most turbo kit components. And unlike some other designs, this manifold keeps the turbine outlet far enough away from the transmission to ensure good fitment without needing to shave the bell housing. The effective collector design can support well over 600whp. There’s nothing that competes with this manifold under $500.

This drifting legend has carried some of FD’s greatest to their pro drift licenses.


This turbo manifold is compatible with rear wheel drive e46, e39 and e36 models equipped with the following engines: m54b25, m54b30, m52tub28, m52tub25, s52, m52b28, m52b25, US s50, m50tub25, m50b25 ‘nv’.

Waste gate

Waste gate port flange available, useful for blanking or building a manifold-based waste gate tube. In the stead of a waste gate tube, a port must be added to the turbine housing.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 32 × 12 × 12 cm